"Before you finish your breakfast, you've depended on more than half the world."

Martin Luther King

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Fairtrade guarantees stable prices, decent working conditions and high environmental standards for several million small-scale producers worldwide.

Fairtrade puts more power in the hands of such producers and demonstrates that there are alternatives to large-scale trade, alternatives that work for the producers and for us as consumers.

The Fairtrade Foundation certifies products as fairly traded and awards the Fairtrade Mark.

The organisation is an independent non-profit organisation that licenses use of the Fairtrade Mark on products in the UK in accordance with internationally agreed Fairtrade standards.


A Fairtrade Town is any community in which individuals and organisations use their everyday choices to increase sales of Fairtrade products and thus bring about positive changes for farmers and other workers.

Becoming a Fairtrade Town is a shared achievement and an opportunity for our town council, schools, businesses, churches and community organisations to work together.

Wells Action for Fairtrade achieved Fairtrade status in 2007 following a steady increase of support and local involvement.
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